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Oral Hygiene and Disabilities

Oral Hygiene and Disabilities Caring for our oral hygiene is such an important part of taking care of our overall health that it can be easy to take for granted. We follow our dentist recommended schedule for brushing and flossing a minimum of twice a day, and this forms a strong habit in most of […]

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder

Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder Our bodies are always working, day in and day out. Even while we sleep, our bodies are constantly taking in information about our environment and process these inputs to provide an appropriate response. From the temperature of the air to atmospheric noise, our brains are always on the go. Our ability […]

Aging and Dental Health

Aging and Dental Health As we age, a number of factors impact the health of our tissues. Good nutrition combined with good oral hygiene practices and a healthy lifestyle helps to decrease the likelihood of developing acute or chronic ailments. The choices we make, our genetic predispositions as well as circumstances outside of our control […]

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